Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Writing and Design: A diagram

If we were to make a Venn diagram of writing vs. design, we would see that the circle for writing falls entirely inside the circle for design, but does not fully encapsulate design. By this I mean all writing must have an element of design, but not all that has design is written. Music has design, art has design, even nature has design. To effectively communicate we must utilize all of the elements encapsulated by the design circle, written and otherwise. With the technology we have at hand it would be foolish to simply do the age old, black and white design of writing past. We see that our world has provided us with a means of communicating through color, FONT and size. Even links, pictures and music.

When we realize we have these tools for written communication, we realize we have a whole new design element to work with, and to be a part of our own time we must use it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Intimacy of Blogs by Michael Snider Questions

I think blogs are a useful piece of written work for the 21st century. It is something that is different from previous forms of communication. Where before could we share our lives world wide simply by writing a bit and hitting "share". It's not as exclusive as Facebook, anyone in the world can get to know you through a blog and yet its not as inclusive as YouTube. You choose what people see and know about you. A blogger could be anyone from a 13 year old girl talking about middle school to an 80 year old man describing ticking things off his bucket list. Anyone can blog about anything. I follow blogs of all sorts. They give me news updates and updates about communities I'm a part of, as well as answer my questions, inspire me and keep me entertained. The blogs I use personally have been for classes and entertainment. For example, I love lipstick and follow some blogs about lipsticks, and post to some with critiques, comments, and new products I've found. I also have a general purpose blog I use as a diary of sorts. In all I think blogs certainly have their place in modern communication.