Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Purpose Statement and Design Plan

Purpose Statement:
If I could present this essay anywhere, I’d like to be a presentation to college students, parents and professors. These are the people I believe could most benefit from it. I feel that anxiety is widely misunderstood and I want to help people understand it. My goal is to break anxiety down to the basics and explain them in a way that helps foster positive attitudes about anxiety and positive ways to help. I hope to help people with anxiety get the help they need, professionally and from the people they love and who love them. I want to eliminate phrases like “get over it” and “some people have it so much worse than you”. I want to help people understand that people with anxiety can’t help that they have anxiety or panic attacks or irrational worries, and that to deal with this, they need the help of those around them.
I spent a lot of time hiding my panic disorder because it seemed like it was a burden on people who didn’t have anxiety or didn’t know much about it. As I began to understand it I began to teach and help the people in my life understand it as well. Though I still struggle with my anxiety every day, I am also learning more about how to manage it and how to help the people in my life understand what it is and what I need from them.

My photo essay shows pictures of my friend, who has mild generalized anxiety, showing what the daily life of someone with anxiety may look like. It includes things that people may not know about daily life with anxiety, such as how it affects motivation, eating habits and even sleep. My biggest hope for this project is that it broadens the view of people, both with and without anxiety, so they can see and understand the struggles of day to day life for someone coping with mild, moderate or severe anxiety.

Design Plan:
My purpose for this essay is to clearly define what I think are some main characteristics of anxiety disorders as a whole, basic things all people should recognize about people with anxiety. As well as, to educate people on how to help people with anxiety and how to help themselves. I want to help people understand how to help people with anxiety and why ignoring it or minimizing the situation won’t help.
The mediums I will be using are pictures and text. My pictures will describe the 8 major things I want people to understand about anxiety and panic disorders: the irregular sleep and eating habits, depression and motivation, panic attacks, the social aspect of anxiety, the huge impact of seemingly small things and I want to close with things people with anxiety are sick of hearing. I have asked my best friend, Nicole, to help me by being the model for my pictures, as she has anxiety as well and can accurately understand and portray the feelings associated with the 8 things I listed.
I will show ethos by explaining my own history with anxiety in my narrative and by using my friend, who also has anxiety for the pictures. I hope to come off as someone who understands because I’ve experienced, rather than someone who knows because they’ve researched it. I hope to show logos in a similar way. By providing my own testimonial and that of the people I know who also have anxiety. As for pathos, I want my essay to convey understanding and my desire to help other understand.
I want to arrange my essay in a way that will take the viewer through the average day, while including the variables (ex. motivation vs. lack of motivation), so I will start with sleeping and the difficulty of getting up in the morning. I want to end with things people with anxiety are tired of hearing and include some resources for people with anxiety or people who want to know more.
My friend Nicole and some of my friends with and without anxiety will be my testers. They will go through the essay and let me know if it conveys both the average day with anxiety and how a friend or ally can help.

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